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Marmon Industrial Water Launches Graver Mobile Powdex® Condensate Polishing Trailers

New generation of precoat filter demineralizers provide fast start up and sustainable steam generation

BURLINGTON, Ont. (Mar. 20, 2023) – In response to growing demand for flexibility in process water treatment, Marmon Industrial Water is pleased to unveil Graver mPowdex® Condensate Polishing Trailers. As the first precoat filter demineralizer on wheels, the mPowdex system will allow plants to reuse and recover steam condensate on an as-needed basis, providing water, energy and capital savings across manufacturing sectors, including power generation, refining and petrochemical applications.

“The Graver name has been synonymous with condensate polishing for over half a century,” said Marmon Industrial Water Director of Strategic Marketing & Innovation John Yen. “Now more than ever, plant managers and operators are in critical need of efficient water treatment technologies that can be deployed quickly, due in part to new environmental regulations, aging infrastructure, and capacity increases. Graver mPowdex is the solution, and we are thrilled to continue sharing our expertise with the sector.”

mPowdex is a precoat filter demineralizer that combines ion exchange and filtration to remove solid and dissolved particulates, such as iron and copper, from high value process steam. By removing these contaminants, it protects costly generation assets, such as turbines and deaerators, and maximizes plant uptime. This form of condensate polishing has also been shown to drastically reduce the frequency of required blowdowns, where large amounts of water, energy and labor are lost.

Yen adds, “At larger plants, a blowdown can equate to the loss of tens of thousands of gallons of condensate each time, and in a world where water is growing more and more scarce, this is a universal concern. The cost of water is steadily increasing, and effluent discharge regulations are tightening, but as an industry, we can do more. Condensate recycling is a piece to the sustainability puzzle, and we hope success at our first installation can help showcase its potential.”

The first mPowdex unit is currently being installed at a power generation plant where it will help the plant manage chemistry and protect downstream processes, while also reducing operational costs.

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Marmon Industrial Water is one of the oldest and most trusted global water solutions providers. Previously under the Ecodyne Limited and Graver Water Systems names, MIW has a combined history of over 180 years in the water purification industry. MIW understands the environments of industrial plants around the world and supplies the right equipment for the application. Using a unique and proven portfolio of technologies and services, MIW continues to provide solutions to the Power Generation, Oil Refining, Chemical, and other heavy industrial markets with a commitment to consistent quality and customized craftsmanship. 

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