Seamlessly Install Cooling Tower Cells Without Disrupting Production

Ecodyne Modular Cooling Towers

For decades, cooling tower replacement has required extensive stick-by-stick on-site construction, lost production time and costly mechanical upgrades. Ecodyne solves these challenges with an innovative solution that can be installed in days.

Keep Production On Track with Our Modular Cooling Tower Design

Reduce Downtime

The modules are factory assembled, significantly cutting on-site construction time and labor requirements.

Replace One Cell
at a Time

Keep your plant running without interruption. Change out an individual cell while the adjacent cells remain fully operational.

Shorten Field Installation Time by up to 75%

Factory-assembled units require less on-site crew and installation time.

Save Costs by Reusing Mechanicals

Since the retrofit cell has the same profile, the mechanicals can potentially be reused, substantially reducing costs.

Install Cooling Tower Cells, Keep Production Running

Flexibility: Modular Cooling Towers Offer Two Installation Methods

1. Traditional Basin Floor Installation

Best for Shallow Basins or Greenfields

Columns are anchored to the basin floor, beneath the waterline. The first set of modules stabilize the base. Additional modules are built upward.

2. Above-Waterline Installation

Ideal for Deep Basins Requiring Ease of Maintenance

Instead of individual columns, a steel truss attached to the curb of the basin is used to create a structural foundation without entering the water. Additional modules are built upward.

We provide a turnkey solution, ranging from field inspection and diagnosis to installation. Check out this video to see how this solution works.

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