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Marmon Industrial Water

Mobile Water Services

On-Demand Water Treatment, Wherever You Are

Whether it’s an emergency, planned maintenance, or a longer-term need, our flexible units deliver failsafe performance to ensure your water processes remain online and continuous. Because when it comes to treating water, downtime is not an option.

Unlike other systems hindered by distance limitations and the need for trailers to shuttle back and forth from depots, our mobile solutions break free from such constraints. Unbound by transit time or location, we bring our expertise and technology directly to you, no matter where you’re at.

Secure continuous operation with mobile water treatment solutions

Unlock the Advantages of Our Mobile Water Services

Access to Proven Treatment Technologies

without the burden of ownership or the need to make a CAPEX investment

Rapid Response Solutions

ensure continuous treatment and regulatory compliance, de-risking your operation

Flexible Contracts

and operating agreements to suit your needs

Cost-Efficient and Customizable

to your specific water treatment requirements

Flexibility Where It Matters

Marmon Industrial Water’s rental fleet is built on a foundation of proven expertise. We’ve harnessed tried and tested designs in mobile water treatment and integrated them into our equipment to create solutions that are uniquely differentiated in the market.

Our systems are made in the USA and have been thoughtfully engineered to optimize water treatment in a compact footprint and provide flexibility for our customers where it’s needed most.

Typical Plant Water Needs

Our Fleet

mPowdex® Mobile Condensate Polisher

High temperature/pressure

filter demineralizer

The mPowdex® Mobile Condensate Polisher, based on the Graver flagship Powdex® CP systems installed in thousands of industrial plants and utilities, removes solid particulates and dissolved contaminants from steam condensate, enabling customers to recover and reuse a high value process stream without chemicals. It is the only solution that cleans condensate at very high temperatures/pressures — eliminating the need to cool it down for treatment and reheat back up again: a simpler green process to conserve energy.

Made in the USA


ROFlex900 Mobile Reverse

Osmosis System

RO unit

The ROFlex is a mobile reverse osmosis (RO) system in a containerized package that delivers 95-99% removal of suspended and dissolved solids using high-rejection TFC spiral wound membranes. With a 900 gpm capacity, the ROFlex offers the highest flow rate in the market. For customers with higher capacity demands, this means the same amount of water can be treated in a more compact footprint compared to other systems, freeing up valuable space in your plant.

Made in the USA


ElectroFlex Mobile

Electrodeionization System

Chemical-free, continuous DI

water production

The mobile ElectroFlex Electrodeionization (EDI) system uses selective IX membranes, resins, and electricity to continuously polish RO permeate to demineralized quality. EDI uses only electricity to regenerate instead of costly and hazardous chemicals. The ElectroFlex system eliminates the need for wastewater neutralization and reduces environmental, health, and safety risks. The compact footprint of the ElectroFlex requires 50-75% less operating space vs IX trailers and enables the EDI reject to be recycled upstream of the RO for 100% recovery and zero waste production.

Made in the USA


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