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Marmon Industrial Water Continues Innovation Streak with Mobile Water Solutions

Highest flow rate RO and EDI containers minimize reliance on exchange demineralization trailers

BURLINGTON, Ont. (June 19, 2024) – Marmon Industrial Water is addressing the dynamic needs of the water treatment sector with its FLEX Mobile Water Treatment Solutions product line. Last year marked the introduction of the first Mobile Powdex Condensate Polisher, and now the fleet has expanded to include Reverse Osmosis (ROFlex) and Electrodeionization (ElectroFlex). These additions will enable customers to quickly deploy proven water treatment technologies without the burdens of ownership or transportation, ensuring continuous water processes and regulatory compliance.

Each unit is thoughtfully engineered to produce the largest flow rate in the market within a compact footprint. These systems are considered semi-permanent, as they do not require the frequent exchanges or transportation typical of trailers. Ideal for emergency response, planned maintenance or for longer-term needs, MIW’s FLEX mobile solutions provide all the benefits of a capital system in a rental package.

“After observing an increased need for reliable demineralization equipment, we are eager to unveil our FLEX Mobile Water Treatment Solutions,” said John Yen, newly appointed Vice President / General Manager of the Rental Equipment Services business unit at Marmon Industrial Water. “Customized to each plant’s unique water treatment requirements, our solutions offer access to proven technology and cost-efficiency without being tied down to a long-term contract or large capital investment. This flexibility allows Marmon Industrial Water to deliver not just solutions, but also peace of mind, enabling our customers to focus on their core business.”

Marmon Industrial Water’s lineup of mobile water treatment solutions features:

  • mPowdex® Mobile Condensate Polisher: A combination of a high temperature filter and demineralizer which removes solid particulates and dissolved contaminants from steam condensate, enabling customers to recover and reuse a high value process stream without chemicals. The mPowdex® is the only solution on the market that cleans steam condensate up to 180° F — eliminating the loss of heat energy while others must cool it down for treatment and then reheat. The result is a far simpler process that conserves energy.
  • ROFlex900 Mobile Reverse Osmosis System: a containerized RO system delivering 95 to 99 percent removal of suspended and dissolved solids using high-rejection TFC spiral wound membranes. With up to 900 gpm capacity in single pass mode and 425 gpm in double pass mode, the ROFlex offers the highest flow rate in the market, freeing up valuable space for customers with higher capacity demands
  • ElectroFlex Mobile Electrodeionization System: water treatment that integrates selective ion exchange membranes, ion exchange conductive resins and electricity to continuously polish RO permeate to demineralized quality. Designed to only use electricity to regenerate instead of costly and hazardous chemicals, the ElectroFlex system eliminates the need for exchange trailers, waste neutralization and reduces environmental, health and safety risks. The compact footprint of the ElectroFlex requires 50-75% less operating space vs IX trailers, 100% recovery and zero waste

Contact [email protected] or visit marmonindustrialwater.com/mobile to learn more.

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