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Marmon Industrial Water Launches Ecodyne Modular Cooling Towers

Modular Cooling Towers

New offering enables seamless installation of Cooling Tower Cells without disrupting production.

BURLINGTON, Ont. (May 13, 2024) – With over 60 years of expertise in the water treatment industry, Marmon Industrial Water is unveiling Ecodyne Modular Cooling Towers, a solution for new and retrofit builds. The factory assembled modules allow plants to seamlessly replace one cell at a time while those adjacent remain fully operational, reducing downtime and shortening field installation time by up to 75 percent.

“Historically, cooling tower replacement has required stick-by-stick construction on site.” said John Jakic, Director of Aftermarket Sales at Marmon Industrial Water. “This method is costly, not only in materials and labor, but also due to the amount of downtime required to complete the upgrades. Our modular towers condense months of work into days, saving customers significant time in lost production. These cost savings can be crucial for plants seeking modernization or repair while maintaining operation.” 

In contrast to existing offerings, Ecodyne Modular Cooling Towers are factory built to match the profile of original cells, which may enable customers to reuse mechanical components and further maximize cost savings. Prefabricated modules arrive fully assembled and can accommodate two installation methods:

  • Traditional Basin Floor: Columns are anchored to the basin floor, beneath the waterline. The first set of modules stabilize the base. Additional modules are built upward.
  • Above-Waterline: Instead of individual columns, a steel truss attached to the curb of the basin is used to create a structural foundation without entering the water. Additional modules are built upward.

Jakic adds, “Our company was founded on the principle of actively listening to customers, learning about their challenges and delivering innovative, value-added products. We are committed to living up to this promise by providing a turnkey solution that modernizes facilities without sacrificing our customers’ production capacity.”

Marmon Industrial Water provides cooling water applications for industrial process and power markets, such as oil & gas, steel, chemical, mining, power and others. Discover how Ecodyne Modular Cooling Towers can seamlessly replace cells without disrupting production by visiting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa2NdNS1Hlg.

About Marmon Industrial Water

Marmon Industrial Water (Ecodyne) manufactures cooling towers and industrial water treatment solutions, operating across the globe from offices in Ontario, Alberta, New Jersey and Texas. With over 60 years of expertise, Ecodyne has a proven track record, having successfully built and installed thousands of cooling towers.

To learn more, visit MarmonIndustrialWater.com.